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“Reflection of the soul” is a work that tells a story. Just as a mirror reflects an image, so this work reflects a state of mind.
In this case it is the viewer who reads and interprets the message on the basis of himself.
A woman overwhelmed by pain or, on the contrary, in the grip of pleasure. A combination of extremes that makes this panel enigmatic in itself.

Inlaid panel in Nero Marquinia marble and polished bronze. High resistance walkable panel, usable as flooring. Also suitable for wall coverings, also available in light version with honeycomb structure. High quality inlay with zero leakage thanks to the most advanced technologies and to Frediani Marble Design experience.

Materials: Marquinia Black and Bronze
Dimensions: 90x50cm
Colors and dimensions variable on request 
Possibility of customization

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100% Quality Made in Italy

Frediani Marble Design products boast the quality of Italian design, with no processing done outside of Italy.


Request variations in materials, sizes or submit designs. We will put our capabilities at your disposal.


We offer machinery with the most advanced technology available on the market for unrivaled quality.

Design and prototyping

We take care of all phases to ensure the highest quality by optimizing all phases of the project.

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