Exhibition | Fucina d’Arte, Pietrasanta

17th October

On Saturday 17th October from 6 pm the Fucina d’Arte gallery, in conjunction with the events promoted by Galleria Giovanni Bonelli and Spazio Lucifero Design, will inaugurate “GENIUS LOCI. APTICUS//RETINIUS”. The genius loci represented by the tradition and artistic excellence of Pietrasanta that for centuries has been attracting and forging new talents. On display 14 contemporary artists linked by training, production and assiduous participation in artistic life, the apuo-versiliese district in an intergenerational and international collective curated by Alessandro Romanini.


Event | King Cross, London

At an international level Frediani ranges from the production of inlaid tables and design objects for Studio Meoro in Lausanne to participation in London events. This spring closed the exhibition that took place for six months in Kings Cross where, after a specific research activity in 3D, textures and finishes in marble capable of reproducing movement were created. An effect that has been able to strike the imagination of many visitors and that traces a new artistic line of Frediani with the aim of developing creative lines for interior design objects and works of art.


Collaboration | BettiSatti, Lucca, Italy

They are the marble and brass and marble and steel that in the last three years have characterized the artistic production of Andrea Frediani called by the studio in Lucca Bettisatti to work for national and international customers. With the Lucca-based firm Frediani is executive and exclusive producer of a line of inlays requested by Italian and foreign clients.


Collaboration | Vittorio Corsini, Peccioli, Italy

A Peccioli, rich village of Valdera, always in collaboration with Vittorio Corsini, Frediani has worked on the religious furniture intended for two churches in the area. In a new concept of approaching religion, the artist-designer imagined marble benches facing each other, capable, in his idea, of relating the human to the divine.


Collaboration | Vittorio Corsini, Siracuse, Italy

With the artist Vittorio Corsini, professor at the Academia d’Arte di Brera, Frediani has worked for the realization of numerous works that have arrived in Sicily from Pisa. In the first case Frediani worked on the reproduction of a bench positioned on the Lungomare di Siracusa which faithfully recreates those, produced some centuries ago and positioned on the most beautiful terrace in Florence, the Piazzale Michelangelo; the choice of “fidelity” was extreme since the inscriptions engraved on the object of street furniture were also reproduced and transferred to Syracuse.