Frediani Marble Design offers its customers the highest level of technology. The transposition of a concept/project on the subject, passes through the most innovative machinery operated by experts in the field, offering technical solutions tailored to your needs.


The innovative waterjet technology allows us to cut almost any type of material with incredible precision; our 5-axis waterjet allows us to cut at an angle and on uneven surfaces. The material thickness can reach up to 250 mm in relation to the treated material. Within 40 mm the tolerance on the cut is of the order of 1/10 of mm.

With this technique it is possible to cut pre-painted materials, even if coated with protective film and even parts that have undergone heat treatment or semi-finished products, even if not perfectly flat.
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High performance instrument, suitable for both indoor and outdoor scanning. Thanks to laser technology it allows to reconstruct 3D solid models from objects of any shape, size and complexity. The extreme precision of point and surface detection ensures a faithful reconstruction of the scanned object.

This device, born from the Italian research (CNR), can be used manually, like the most common 3D scanners, but also in synergy with the anthropomorphic robots available in our laboratories. And it is precisely this last operating mode that gives this tool the ability, unique in this field, to reconstruct point clouds in full autonomy, without the help of external interventions necessary for the digital realignment of the scanned model.
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Two robotic islands composed by two anthropomorphic robots with very high precision (8 interpolated axes) are the “state of the art” of stone processing technology. The wide working area, up to 5.6 m in height, allows the creation of large-sized all-round works. The wide variety of tools for the processing of
all types of marble and stone is combined with the possibility to process materials for rapid prototyping: plastics, polystyrene, resins, etc.. These machines, together with the powerful development software present in our laboratories, are able to perform complex operations with extreme ease: the results obtained on the creation of faces, human or abstract figures are of an incomparable quality. Going from the scale “sketch” or the solid model (created on the PC) to the realization on marble, stone or other material has never been so simple!
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support and


Frediani Marble Design offers a complete assistance service. The experience in the sector allows a continuous support, starting from the initial design/revision phase, up to the crucial phase of the realization, providing privileged channels for the sourcing of high quality marble and materials from Italy and abroad.


For all types of processing necessary for your project Frediani Marble Design offers the possibility to buy Italian and imported marble of high quality. The wide choice of materials we deal with will adapt to your aesthetic design needs.


Our company is specialized in making multi-material inlays, such as brass-marble, stainless steel-marble, wood-marble, etc. The modules of the inlays are also made on “honeycomb” lightened structure for the covering of boats and yachts or wherever a light structure is needed.


Thanks to the instruments present in our laboratories we are able to offer a modern, dynamic and avant-garde service such as 3D rapid prototyping. Inside our spaces you can see your ideas take shape, realize prototypes and small productions with the help of qualified technicians and latest generation machines.


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